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This is the Fiber program for sows, piglets and fattening pigs.

The high demands of sows, piglets and fattening pigs for the supply of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements are uniquely combined with the high content of fermentable fiber structures that are necessary for animal welfare and intestinal health. A specially selected combination of natural additives promotes the balance of the microbial flora in the intestines of sows, piglets and fattening pigs and specifically supports digestion and metabolism.



Feed Factory 2.0 has developed an extensive range of sow feeds especially for your sows within your company. The chosen vitamin rings, ingredients and raw materials in combination with our own developed premixes ensure an exceptionally high quality in our feeds, which also guarantees continuity. This has been proven to be an easy transition from weight-bearing feeds to lacto sow feeds. Our feeds therefore ensure a high feed intake in the farrowing pen, strong, vital and uniform piglets and ultimately a high weaning weight. Within the company you would like to see an ever-increasing litter of vital piglets. These litters of piglets that feed on good colostrum milk supply and thereby grow into beautiful uniform piglets that are weaned. We have formulated the sow feeds of Feed Factory 2.0 in such a way that they easily connect to the digestion in the intestines. This achieves healthy gut health.

✔ Big vitality
✔ High milk production
✔ Optimal condition of the sow

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The piglet feed from Feed Factory 2.0 is based on the intestinal health of the piglets, for this we have developed piglet feed and weaning feed that matches the weaning phase. In the weaning phase of the piglet, it is important to respond to digestion in the gastrointestinal tract. During the development and testing of our feeds, it has been found that the piglets do not show a dip in feed intake. The result is healthy and good meaty quality piglets with maximum growth.

✔ Healthy and good meaty piglets
✔ Maximum growth
✔ Quality piglets

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Fattening pigs

Feed Factory 2.0 feeds ensure the right balance between feed conversion and growth. Feed Factory 2.0 feeds belong in the topsegment in terms of performance. An optimal payout price is reached for you. The feed range of Feed Factory 2.0 ensures better feed profit for your fattening pigs. Less manure production due to better utilization and high growth due to sophisticated feed compositions. In this way we ensure that we achieve a good profit for every company.

✔ High growth due to sophisticated feed composition
✔ Very sharp feed conversion
✔ Less manure production due to better utilization

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